Protecting Your Energy

Remember back in the good old days there was talk of good vibrations. Or perhaps you have walked in a room, and felt the tension. Those good-or-not-so-good vibrations come from the collective thoughts, words, and actions of things and people all around you.

Like it or not, these energetic vibrations exist and they impact you in many ways. These vibratory forces can help or impede your success. They can make life easier or more difficult. We can’t control the thoughts and actions of others, but we can do something about them.

Create a protective “love” bubble around you. This energetic barrier protects you from anything but the highest energy (which of course you want to have in your life). This love bubble frees you from the not-so- positive impact of the lower and more unpleasant energies.

This protective love bubble allows you to protect yourself from any and all limiting energies, including those sent to by others. It allows you to create a supportive imaginary womb for creation regardless of the kind. This bubbling process also gets the energy flowing and can speed progress in any endeavor.

To create the perfect safe environment for any project you are working on, all you must do is create this imaginary love bubble. You can say the words, visualize the bubble, or simple set the intentions as you read my words. The power is not in the intensity of your imagination or the length of your experience. It can occur in a flash. Trust is the only ingredient required. So once you set the intention trust that it is working for you.

Imagine a bubble that surrounds you and/or your project and/or anyone and anything that impacts your project. This bubbling process is especially important for creative people (like writers) who can be most impacted by distractions and negative energy.

Once the bubble is in place, imagine a tunnel-like opening at the top of the bubble. Use this tunnel to draw away any energies or vibrations that would negatively impact you or your project in any shape or form. You can imagine the angels vacuuming away and transforming these lower energies to pure love. You want to remove and transform everything and anything that does not support you and your project.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so once emptied you must fill your bubble. Imagine a huge flood of love and light filling your bubble. Again the technique you use is not important. Just do it, even if you think it is silly. You can ask the angels to fill your bubble with love and light. You can give permission to have the angels also fill your bubble with anything and everything that will aide and support it your project.

Once you have finished refilling your bubble, seal it. You can imagine the tunnel being closed so that nothing can get in or out (remember the technique you use is not important). Your perfect bubble womb is complete.

You can even decorate your bubble with joy diamonds, harmony hearts, or happy beads. You get the idea. You can put a heart on your mirror or computer to remind you to bubble and to add love to everything you do. You can even imagine a mirror finish on the outside of your bubble Now only love can penetrate this bubble and anything else being sent to you will be reflected back to the sender with love.

By divine design, every day is a new beginning, so it is important to protect yourself every day. Just make bubbling as routine as brushing your teeth or showering. See how much smoother you day goes. (That is as long as you choose loving thoughts.)

Eventually, your world will be so filled with love that this bubble won’t be necessary but for now it is a good habit to develop.

Be love. Create love. Allow only love to impact your creations and your life.

Let me know how it works for you…

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Tiny Steps Can Make a Big Difference

 “Even if you’re on the right track, you won’t get anywhere if you’re standing still.”
Will Rogers

In our world we give lots of attention to hurricanes and tornados but termites do more damage each year than tornados and hurricanes combined. But termites do their damage in one little bite at a time–no fanfare, no attention, just the persistent and consistent bite, day in and day out.

So it is with your awakening and empowering your greatness. It happens one tiny action, followed by one tiny action, followed by one tiny action, etc. It won’t be big lightning bolts from heaven, it will be the accumulated result of hundred of little actions, thoughts, words, affirmations, behaviors over time.

You have indicated that you are ready to spread your wings and fly. So today you start your journey–one little step at a time. Feed your mind and soul food for thought…fuel for action…something to chew on…something to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to take one little tiny baby step on your journey to greatness.

Failure is not an option–even if you take a little step forward your goal, then you are sure to reach your goals. It is only a matter of time.

To awaken your greatness you must become consciously responsible for every thought, word, action, and intent on your personal, professional, and planetary road to mastery. You are learning to individually and collectively transform in order to claim your greatness.

Jesus once said, “These things I do, you can do these and greater still.” Regardless of your religious orientation they are important words to ponder. What was he trying to tell humanity? Do you believe you can walk on water? Change water into wine? If not why not? The journey to greatness is not easy, but attaining mastery over your life is worth the effort required.

Don’t be concerned if you have difficulty deciding to work on your personal self or your professional self. Your professional life is a reflection of your personal life and personal life is a reflection of your professional life. Improvement in one area will affect all areas of your life.

Today make a commitment to be your best. To be all that you  came to be while living in your physical body.

Affirmations:  I allow myself to be all that I can be while in physical.

Your questions, comments, and concerns guide the content.  So be in touch…we welcome your feedback.

newsletter dividerHeather Harder, Ph.D. is an author, empowerment coach, professional speaker, and modern-day mystic. Heather is recognized for her transformational results through the integration and application of spiritual, personal and professional truths in everyday life. To learn more about Heather or to schedule a private consultation visit

How To Become A Truth Seeker

How To Become a Truth Seeker














































Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information that fills your day? Indeed, life is filled with information, some helpful and some not-so-helpful. Some of the information is truth and some not-so-truthful. Learning to identify the truth, the important truth, is vital to living a purposeful life.If you’re ready for the truth, if you can handle the truth, then it is time to become a truth seeker. A truth seeker yearns for and seeks the essence of truth in every word and situation. Truth seekers are compelled, like Dick Tracy or Sherlock Holmes, to follow clues until they are certain of the truth. If you are not willing to be tenacious and ferret out the truth in every situation, then you are not yet a truth seeker. Pursuit of truth must be continual; in life situations, you cannot be an occasional truth seeker and occasionally be willing to accept something less than the truth.

Finding truth is not always easy. Truth is often colorfully wrapped in perceptions—think of rose colored glasses—and biased by emotions. Some people use truth like a protective shield against adversity. But truth used cruelly can also be a painful, cutting sword. Seeking to understand truth can, like the sword, help protect you from distractions and confusion. Truth can be the fuel to move you along your life’s path and bring growth. Real growth can be difficult and sometimes painful. Therefore, it is important to seek truth mindfully and consistently.

The Bible warns you to beware of false prophets. It foretells a time when even God’s most elite will be fooled. Think about that for a minute. Even God’s most elite will be fooled. Surely God’s most elite will be discerning and recognize and reject falsehoods! What kind of individuals could fool God’s best? These false prophets must be incredibly believable to be so convincing. They must either be great cons or believe in what they are teaching.

False prophets, convincing arguments, and even persuasive marketing are but a few of the distractions that surround you daily. You are flooded with information in a variety of forms every minute of the day. Books, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, television, radio, and the Internet bombard you with information. Experts in every field offer workshops and proclaim the truth of their insights. It is your duty to take the time to sort the important from the unimportant.  Sift reality from illusion, and identify the truth from misinformation.

Don’t despair–this is easier than it sounds. To still the noise and effectively sort out the truth, you only need to “set the intention” and ask for Divine help.

Setting the intention to know truth requires no special ceremony or ritual. Remember, it is not the formula or special words you use, it is the intention you set. It happens in your heart and mind instantly, once you make the conscious choice to pursue truth. So right now, in your own way, make your intention to know truth and not be distracted by anything that is not truth for you. It is important to do this every day. Asking for Divine help is even easier. Just do it in prayer, affirmation or intention.  Send an invitation from your heart.

Even though the intention to discern truth is important and easy, we often don’t think about it. For many of you, it hasn’t been a priority. I offer the following affirmation as a way to help you recognize truth and release everything else more quickly and easily. I call it the “Truth Seekers Mantra.” Say it with conviction, as a prayer or affirmation, before reading, watching television, listening to the news or to other people’s information in any form. Start each day by saying it. After three weeks it will be ingrained in your mind. You will be surprised at the difference it makes.

The truth seekers mantra:

I easily recognize truth and I willingly release all that is not truth. Every word I speak, and thought I think, is a reflection of my truth. Every day in every way my ability to discern truth and my willingness to accept truth grows.

I accept truth where and how I find it—peacefully, joyfully, and harmoniously integrating it into my totality. Let my path of truth take me ever closer to my greatest potential and good. I am the love, strength, courage, and perseverance required to walk my path of truth for now and ever more.

I trust this mantra will serve you as you move through the avalanche of information that you face every day. I look forward to hearing your experiences as you begin to adapt this mantra into your everyday life. I wish you great success and much love on your journey.

Until next time…
I wish you love, light, and laughter,

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Heather Harder, Ph.D. is an author, empowerment coach, professional speaker, and modern-day mystic. Heather is recognized for her transformational results through the integration and application of spiritual, personal and professional truths in everyday life. To learn more about Heather or to schedule a private consultation visit